Helping business leaders create productive, engaged, compliant and sustainable enterprises.




Productive Enterprises through Highly Engaged People

BUSINESS LEADERS have long realised that the achievement of their mandate is influenced by their ability to Engage their team members in the Business of their Business – delivering their contributions as if they owned the business or, holding themselves accountable for such contribution! The dilemma that they face is the ‘How’?

They are confronted by the many theories and techniques advanced as ‘the Answer’. Effective Leadership is common sense really. There are certain basic rules which enable effective rules. The hard part of the art is Style! 

The Basics:

Enabling a state of effective Leadership.

  • Subject expertise: Whilst we hire specialists into teams, the Leader must be sufficiently conversant with the demands of each role within the team to support role players. Also, able to bring his/ her own specialist skills into the team
  • Getting the base right: In line with the DRG HR Foundation support service, ensure compliance with both statutory and people-related best-practice is in place. This to eliminate any ‘background noise’ which may impact upon leadership practices 
  • Business Orientation: Educating team members to understand the ‘Business of The Business’ providing a point of reference for all Leadership endeavours. This aspect incorporates exposing team members to the dynamics of the business, its Value Drivers and how business performance is measured 


The hard part. Some Leaders are said to be Natural Leaders … ‘born to lead’ others must work at coaxing results from people. Again, there is an element of common sense i.e. treating others as you would expect to be treated but, Leadership is a process of discovery; learning what works and doesn’t work and then, conscious practice until Style becomes second nature.

The DRG Leading Purpose model starts with self-knowledge – the discovery of your natural style, how others perceive you and, how your style affects their performance.

The DRG Leading Purpose leadership process is founded upon practical experience gained within a diversity of Enterprises over the years. It flows like this: 


DRG learns about your business:

  • Your Strategy
  • Your Key Value Drivers
  • Your Value Chain – Business Processes
  • Your Stakeholders
  • What is measured as Critical Success Factors
  • Leadership Styles
  • Employee Perceptions (of the Business and its Leaders)


Business Orientation:

  • How Business/ our Business Works
  • Team and individual Zones of Influence
  • Personal Business Plans – the Purpose of my work/ My Commitments
  • Feedback mechanisms
  • Employee recognition and reward mechanisms


  • Leadership Style assessments
  • Employee Perception Studies
  • Team dynamic assessments
  • Employee orientation workshops
  • Employee capacity development programmes
  • Process facilitation
  • Sustaining action – ongoing communication – Business, Team and Individual feedback/ corrective action required, employee development



  Client Testimonial 

"In my nearly forty (40) years as a labor lawyer, human resources executive/consultant advising Fortune 50 as well as smaller businesses on the full spectrum of  legal and operational workforce issues, I can say without reservation that David is one of the most knowledgeable and savvy colleagues with whom I have had the pleasure to collaborate.

Specifically, David has repeatedly demonstrated to me his understanding that the key to any businesses success in today’s competitive, knowledge workplace is its ability to engage its employees in wanting to produce more, better, faster and cheaper results.  He not only understands this key tenet, but, more importantly, has taken significant steps to apply it to his own business as well as the businesses he serves in performing his world-class consulting work at DRG.  In so doing, he, through his unique outsourcing model, has caused DRG to become an incredibly powerful resource to the all-important “people” component of growing businesses in South Africa."

-   P. Anthony Burnham, Esq.; Senior Vice President and Employment Counsel; Employers Group, California, U.S.A. 92626