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HR Foundation and Compliance

Helping you build a strong HR Foundation, and Ensuring Compliance in Reporting Responsibilities

We ensure that your business’ human resource practices comply with key foundational requirements, statutory compliance, best-practice, and also ensure that any employment-related risks are minimised. We provide completely customized solutions ensuring it is aligned with your business strategy, in that you can stay focused on the fundamentals of leading your business, while we focus on providing a human capital support service.


DRG facilitates various HR and Compliance support activities, which includes an audit and implementation of foundational documents and processes.

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Disciplinary Code of Conduct
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Job Descriptions / Role and Competency Profiles
  • Skills Development Reporting
  • Employment Equity Reporting
  • BEE Optimisation Plan
  • Job Grading and Remuneration
  • On-Boarding and Induction
  • Disciplinary Code of Conduct
  • Training on various Disciplinary Processes
  • Employee Communication Forums
  • COIDA and UIF Registrations, submissions and obtaining of Letter of Good Standing

DRG helps identify areas of risk by conducting various Audits:

  • Employee Personnel File Audit
  • Payroll Compliance Audit
  • Records Retention Audit
  • Recruitment and Hiring Audit
  • Performance Evaluation and Termination Audit
  • Remuneration & Rewards Audit
  • Employee Benefits Audit
  • Employment Equity Audit
  • Requirements based on Department of Labour Audits

Client Testimonial

"I have known David White since 2000. David is a progressive thinker and entrepreneur within the international business community, and has made a strong impact within the world of global outsourcing. David's ability was evidenced by his unique ability to lead and grow DRG Outsourcing into a recognized brand known within powerful circles of influence, without any corporate investment or outside funding. That is impressive in any arena. 

I fully expect to see DRG Outsourcing grow in strength and momentum in the years to come, and look forward to DRG Outsourcing providing services to American companies in the near future. 

Wishing you continued success!"

-   Marc Stein; President and Founder;  Everything Communicates, Ventura, CA, USA 

Client Testimonial

"The purpose of THINK is to conduct top notch clinical research aimed at bringing forward new tools to combat suffering from tuberculosis and HIV infection.  Being a new organisation, we chose to outsource the labour-intensive Human Resources aspects and were fortunate to engage with DRG Outsourcing from the very start, allowing us to focus on developing the core business of our organisation.  As every new business shortly will experience, the HR needs of starting a new organisation are much broader than ‘just’ hiring staff and running payrolls.  In addition to the basic HR services, DRG Outsourcing have assisted in developing the organisational framework of THINK, e.g. by drawing up policy documents, advising on employee benefits and determining salary levels.

They have developed contracts to suit our needs and guided us on labour laws and their implementation.  We have also been connected with their network of Industrial Relations where the needs have arisen. All of this, while proactively handling all of our HR requirements, including, HR Reports, BEE and other matters of HR Best Practice. 

The CEO, David White, and his team have been exceptionally supportive during a very crucial and demanding phase in the development of our organisation.  DRG have provided constant support on matters big and small, always accommodating our needs in a highly timely manner and with the highest level of professionalism, and continues in doing so. 

 Effectively, DRG’s engagement with our organisation is of the same attribute as that of a Partner rather than Service Provider.  We are fortunate to have DRG by our side, providing the continued assistance and support we require to help with growth of our business.  We warmly recommend DRG Outsourcing to other growing businesses.  Please feel free to contact the writer to elaborate on the above in person.