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DRG Online

DRG Online is a highly effective employee self-service App, helping companies coordinate leave management with their staff members. Staff are able to request leave categories, gain approval from line managers, and keep payroll and administration informed.

Making Human Capital Administration easier – significantly lower cost and greater efficiency than any other system; especially for enterprises with multiple and remote sites! 

This Cell Phone App was originally conceived as Leave Administration tool but flowing out of its development and user inputs it has evolved into much more with diverse capabilities.

We customise the features of this app to suit your enterprise’s unique requirements and then develop policies and procedures governing its use.

A portable, real-time Personal File featuring:

  • Employment Contract
  • An immediately ready reference source of Policies and Procedures governing the employment relationship
  • A ready reference of leave history and other transactional records
  • A means of applying and submitting applications for all variations of leave, and receiving approval
  • Application for benefits e.g. study assistance, loans, etc.

A Bulletin Board featuring:

  • Safety and health tips 
  • News bulletins e.g. CEO message, enterprise performance, milestones, threats and opportunities, events, team or individual achievements 
  • Suggestions e.g. for efficiency improvement, workplace 
  • Promotion of Enterprise Culture and Values

How we help?

Simple, Paperless Onboarding

Automated employee onboarding provides employees with the ultimate first impression whilst entirely eliminating paperwork for your team. 

Leave Management Made Easy

Managers can view, approve and decline requests and manage pending requests online with just a few clicks, making it easy to address large volumes of requests. Staff simply check their leave balances and request leave via their app. 

Timesheets and Project Tracking

  • Time and attendance management. 
  • Easily clock in and out, streamlining timesheets and ensuring compliance and full visibility across multiple locations.
  • Track staff on various projects by allowing them to maintain the daily timesheet, and at any time be able to check who is on shift.

Document Library

DRG Online eliminates the need for certain manual processes and paperwork. The core benefit of one system, one login and one source is that part of the HR paperwork are shifted online. Upload, store, organise and distribute company documents like policies, templates, forms and company-wide communications from a central location, easily accessed by staff via DRG Online.