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About DRG Outsourcing

DRG Outsourcing is a human capital advisory and support partner of over 20 years’ standing. Twenty years which saw continuous changes in workplace governance, culture and best-practice. Twenty years of ever-increasing complexity in the challenges which employers and their leaders face.

In keeping with well-established global trends in the outsourcing of business support solutions, we have been delivering ‘just right’ HR solutions to our ever-increasing client base – local, over-border and transcontinental. Our solutions enable our clients to stay focused on the fundamentals of leading their businesses. We take care of non-revenue producing but, nevertheless, essential HR support activities. With DRG Outsourcing you can draw in professional human resource skills on a needs basis, for example ...

The perception of the term ‘HR Management’ referring to business practice in respect of people in the enterprise, has evolved from a mainly statutory compliance and administrative emphasis to that of investing in people. We encourage enterprises to look beyond the notion of the cost-of-employment or, people as commodities. People should be employed to contribute actively to business results, not to simply follow the job description; to be focused on results, not activity. For effective people outcomes, the people expenditure mindset must evolve to a focus on investment, hence our preference for the term human capital – from income statement to balance sheet! After all, it is people who mobilise and nurture an organisation’s assets. In delivering our human capital best-practice support service, we recommend the introduction of an assessment of current people practices and will conduct such assessments according to a structured methodology. The assessment will discover areas of risk and opportunity in terms of optimum people practices and, in so doing, provide an enabling framework for appropriate initiatives. DRG Outsourcing is well placed to provide a full or partial human capital support service, either on a retainer or project basis, according to need.

If people are to be regarded as business assets in terms of the knowledge, expertise and mindset that they apply to the achievement of business objectives, it follows that one may apply business terminology further in considering people-related factors.

Our Employee Investment service aligns Enterprise Strategy with Human Capital Strategy and, inter-alia, addresses the following:

Getting the base right – ensuring that pay levels support the acquisition, mobilisation and retention human capital. That pay practices are defensible in terms of fairness (equity) principles, for example, job grades are in place, a logical pay structure founded upon job grades is in place, policies and procedures governing pay practices are in place.

Creating an environment that allows people to deliver to the best of their ability, then to recognise and reward exceptional contribution. Here a number of factors come into play, for example, training and development, career development and, most importantly, a leadership style enabling people to deliver results to their full potential. This latter state we refer to as employee engagement and we describe it as: Highly Engaged People, Taking Self Inspired Action − For Results!

In this regard, the core of this service offering is our Inspiring Purpose Leadership Development Programme, providing leaders with a business-case point of reference in establishing team member focus and action. Team members gain practical insights into the ‘business of the business’ through discovering their role’s zone of influence; then measure their contribution to business performance. We help to design an enterprise’s reward strategy to reinforce the process by linking reward to results. We call this a contribution dividend or, a share in the spoils of entrepreneurial behaviour; traditionally referred to as a performance incentive.

Client Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure of working with the DRG team since I took over the leadership role in Management Association in 2007. In particular I have worked with David and Charles to assist in our Performance Leadership Model, Nikita to assist with our HR Compliance and Reporting responsibilities. Mahendra and Christy whom administrate our payroll. DRG has a unique culture, with passion for customer care and excellence in service delivery. I would not hesitate to introduce them to any company or person looking for a professional team to help meet employer HR responsibilities, and create a highly engaged workforce.”

-   Malcolm St Clair – MD Management Association (SA)